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Family Camping Veldzicht • Terschelling

Camping Veldzicht Terschelling

Terschelling oasis of rest and space.

The West Frisian island Terschelling borders on the North Sea to the north, on the Wadden Sea to the south. Vlieland is situated southward, Ameland eastward. The North Sea beach has a length of over 30 km and the total length of the cycle paths is over 70 km.

Like most West Frisian islands tourism is the main source of income on Terschelling. In high season the island is visited by four times a much tourists than in winter.

Besides the wonderful nature, you can make many trips. Covered wagon tours, riding, seal tours, visiting museums etc. During the summer months a fair is organized each week. For more information concerning the events on Terschelling, please check the Event Calendar. Events, activities, markets and shops in the nearby village of Midsland can be found on

der Insel Terschelling

Reade wolken,
Blaue lucht,
Gele helmen,
Griën ges,
Wyt sân,
Dat is ’t wapen fan Schylgeralân.

Werelderfgoed Waddenzee